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Gokul Jewllers, click here to see large picture.Jewel, that magical five-letter word has long fascinated humanity since ages. Its charm, captivating power and sheer magic has long entranced the human race. It’s very spell out leaves one just dazed and shall we say, speechless. It is known that our great nation India is lauded the world over for its truly breath-taking quality and craftsmanship in the said trade. This in turn has made India much sought after place by overseas market leaders. This in turn has transmitted the action into many metros in India and Hyderabadis one such metro.

We, Kimtee family, have been in the jewellery business for the past four generations. The Kimtee family has the proud privilege of being the chief jeweller to his Excellency Mehboob Ali, Nizam of Hyderabad. We have a rich business lineage and possess keen business acumen, shrewd foresight and deep insight about the trade and its various intricacies.

We came into origin in the year 1994 and we are one of the leading jewellery showrooms in the city; we are one of the most trustworthy, reliable, professional and efficient dealer in all kinds of jewels with high quality professional after-sales-service. We also introduce ourselves as a reliable manufacturer and exporter of Jewellery, one in whom one can put his trust and faith.

Ours is a slick, neat and ultra-modern showroom where the products are assembled in an elegant fashion and makes the same a picture of delight to view. Our products are meant for children, men and women of all ages and social status.

You could do well to further take a visual round of our products, service and strength columns and thereby understand us better. After which we hope you will forge a long, healthy and useful friendship with us. Thank you for visiting us and do visit us again.


We deal in all kinds of jewels in all styles and colours. We capture the charm of jewels in its real and true beauty bathed in various shades of moods. Our product range embraces classic, traditional, futuristic, ultra-modern, lightweight, heavyweight, precious, semi-precious, Filigree and Studded jewellery in 22 Carats.

Diamond Jewellery

Necklaces studded with marvellous diamonds and matching Ear Studs.

Traditional Diamond set with magnificent craftsmanship.

Exquisite Bangle with inestimable studded diamonds.

Blends of Table and Brilliant cut diamonds perfectly complemented with stones and beads.

Excellent cut diamond embedded with real gems.

TopStudded Jewellery: Rubies, Emerald and Sapphires

Exclusive Ruby set with suitable Bangle and Ear Stud with an ethnic touch

Jewellery sets, which give a distinct look when studded with Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire

Necklaces and Malas with a Discrete look each with an appeal of its own

Rubies and Diamonds lend sophistication to these necklace sets

Traditional range of bangles studded with marvellous and precious stones

An array of fancy bangles exclusively studded with Cherished Stones

Fabulous Gold Jewellery Sets – Ethnic Masterpieces

Plain Gold Jewellery

Jewellery Sets in Gold with modern touch and a distinct appeal

Gold Jewellery sets with all ethnic values in their timeless glory

Ethnic and Traditional Jewellery

Astonishing designs makes these masterpieces rare and attractive.

Elegant Kundan Jewellery

These jewellery reflect elegance and grace at their cultured best.

TopInner Trivia


Gokul Jewllers, click here to see large picture.We take immense pride in our service to customers. We understand that our men and women customers are personification of handsomeness and beauty and see to it that they reflect the same by making them look gorgeous and pretty with our jewels. We further believe that each customer of ours is a valued and treasured friend, go beyond just mere lip service and help him or her pick up the best of jewels, which fits them like a glove. Through this, we intend to bring out the real depth of their inner handsomeness and beauty to fore.


The factors, which have propelled us to achieve a high degree of customer-satisfaction and attain respectable name among them, are our skills, craftsmanship and creativeness. This allied with the state-of-the-art technology has produced jewellery of the best quality and taste. We possess the best of ancient skills supplemented by the best of modern ones. We understand the importance of technology and also believe in taking customer needs into account. We also keep abreast of the changing trends in the jewellery world and as such keep ourselves refreshingly fresh. Also our products are done up as per the norms laid down by the Indian Bureau of Standards.


The word “Gokul” has a special and historical significance; Lord Krishna was brought up in this sacred place, which exists in the state of Gujarat. Our logo “G” reflects “Symbol of Trust”. When elaborated it means “God”, since the customer is God to us this logo aptly sums up our feelings to the said customer. To round off the same perfectly, the logo is decked up in all Gold.